Greetings! We are passionate movers, shakers and placemakers in Columbus, Ohio.

Formerly known as “Columbus Parklet Project,” we have expanded our vision and concepts beyond the parking space and are now reimagining entire city streets. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Simply put, we want to make great community places.

‘Placemaking’ is a unique, ‘low-cost, high-impact’ approach to turning public spaces into destination nodes that capitalize on local ingenuity, assets, and inspiration. In 2014, we installed Columbus’ first ‘parklet’—transforming a single parking space into a public ‘people’ space with art, greenery, seating, and tables. We seek to ambitiously expand in 2016 with more parklets, and also convert a low-traffic street into a pedestrian-public space. Many cities today are reimagining alleys as street markets, art installations, and slivers of nature retreats surrounded by concrete jungles.

Columbus is still in its infancy when it comes to ‘placemaking’ projects. The 2014 ‘4th St Parklet’ was the city’s first installation that extended activity into our streets. People want interesting places to walk, bike, and gather. We take the ‘ground up’ approach—galvanizing community members to actively participate in projects where they feel that their wisdom is on equal footing with professional expertise—meaning, just because you’re a professional engineer doesn’t make you a professional to know what a community needs. This ‘community-driven’ process in-turn provides personal connections to surroundings resulting in a long-term engaged investment.

As city budgets continue to shrink, creative ideas—also seen as ‘risky’—need to be taken in order for a city to be seen as a ‘destination’ city. Cities throughout the U.S. have proven that these ‘placemaking’ projects are key revitalizing elements. The data collected from the first parklet shows that there’s a clear need and desire for ‘public space’ enhancements within our community.